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Weekly Review #24

From:Isaac Penzev <isaacp@...>
Date:Monday, June 16, 2003, 8:24
REVIEW #24, the week from June 08 to June 14, 2003

Amerind Conlangs:
Complete silence. Those who are interested in the languages of Native Americans
and use them as a source of inspiration for their conlangs, WAKE UP!!!!

20 msgs.
Englis [Joe] -- a Q-Celtic-influenced descendant of Old English.
Where can we find info about Manx pronunciation?
"A Stormy Night" -- a well-known Old Irish poem: a short course of OI
pronunciation and poetry. OI copula _is_, its origin and pronunciation.
Athematic verbs in IE langs, esp. in Sanskrit.

East Asian Conlangs:
10 msgs. Pro-drop in EA langs. Reconlanging Ancient Chinese.

Silent. Why?

32 msgs.
Good translation exercises needed!
- The etymology of Spanish 'Usted' (continued from the previous week). Vegliot
glossary finished. Politeness in natlangs and conlangs: Narbonósc [Christophe
Grandsire]. The mystery of a Carrajena proverb. Reflexes of initial "f",
relative clauses in Fortunatian.
- Fortunatian website updated [Theophilus Habarakhe]:


4 msg - An essay about Proto-Uralic personal pronouns uploaded. A couple of
questions re History of Finnish.

West Asian Conlangs:
1 msg to stir 'em up :(

Ðat is alls for todaigh,
mid allen goden vyschen etc.,
    -- Yitzik

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