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Tidbit from my conlang

From:H. S. Teoh <hsteoh@...>
Date:Saturday, September 1, 2001, 15:56
Hello fellow conlangers :-)

I've been working on my conlang's lexicon a bit today, and thought you
might be interested in a few of the most recent entries:

        regular neuter noun; stem k3Taa'.
            (1) "Strength", "power", "force", "urge", "motivation".
            (2) "Dynamon": technical term used to describe that which drives
                change in Ferochromon physics.
            (3) Linguistic term for the instrumental case.

        regular neuter noun; stem gi'b3. "Meat", "flesh",
        "substance", "constituent", "essence". Refers to that which gives
        strength or substance to a frame or structure. It is often distinct
        from  the contents of a structure; e.g., the flesh of a person as
        that which constitutes the essence of the person and gives substance
        to the skeletal frame of the person, as opposed to the food ingested
        by the person, which is regarded as "contained" by, but not part of,
        the person.

ObConlang: how would you translate the above words into your conlang? It'd
be interesting to see how easy/hard it is to convey the same kind of idea
in another conlang (or natlang for that matter).


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