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Re: American Jingoism

From:Karapcik, Mike <karapcik@...>
Date:Monday, February 18, 2002, 18:09
        I the Hillsborough county system (Florida), two years of a foreign
language were required for a "college prep" or "Florida academic scholar"
graduation. (There was also "high school" and "trade".) Levels 3 & 4 could
also count as humanities classes.
        The standards were Spanish (heavily used in Florida), French (good
due to French-Canadian tourism), German, and Latin. Gaither became the first
high school in the county to offer Italian (only level 1&2, don't know how
long it continued), and a few years later, there was a rumor they were going
to try Japanese. (I moved out of the area about then, so I don't know what
happened.) All high schools in the area offered Spanish and French, most
offered either German or Latin, but not both (and Latin was rare). (A couple
only offered French and Spanish.)

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| From: Danny Wier
| Subject: Re: American Jingoism
| From: "Danny Wier" <dawier@...>
| | years of a modern language*. I took French, since most
| people took Spanish.
| But
| | for the regular diploma, there is (or was) no foreign
| language requirement.
| I remember now that the languages offered by large high
| schools were usually
| Spanish, French and German -- but mine (which was just moved
| down from Class 5-A
| to Class 4-A in football/basketball) didn't offer German.