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Re: American Jingoism

From:Philip Newton <philip.newton@...>
Date:Tuesday, February 19, 2002, 19:59
On 18 Feb 02, at 21:14, nicole perrin wrote:

> PS -- As a completely unrelated issue, I'd just like to > enter a plea on behalf of those of us using webmail and > reading the digest: when angular brackets are used to > represent orthography, and when they only enclose an "s", > the rest of the digest is slashed-through and this really > sucks! Please, please be careful of this! </rant>
I would argue that that is a deficiency in the Webmail system, if it doesn't escape characters in plain text that have meaning in HTML -- after all, you only need to escape four of them to be safe. :) But I realise that the software world isn't perfect (for example, my email client doesn't understand UTF-8, which is a weak show these days. Cheers, Philip -- Philip Newton <Philip.Newton@...>