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Welcome back, Congrats, Celtic, and other things.

From:Abrigon Gusiq <mike_adams61@...>
Date:Wednesday, May 5, 1999, 10:50
Welcome back, back myself from a break from the list, I was either Abrigon,
or other names of like. Had to take a break, filled email boxes and my
interests in Conlangs was taken up with other things, like work, winter and

Congrats on becomming a Doctor, now what will you be doing for work?
Hopefully not at the local hamburger joint?

Neo-Celtic, interesting, sort of a combo P and Q Celt or what?
Or just a simplified one? Please send me info directly, working on a gaming
project in an alternate universe, with Druids and like.
So what did you all think of my webpage, and my Conlangs? I know it needs a
bit more work, Miksa and Mohebe, as well as my future Conlang, which I am
still working on the basic ideas. But, I think it will be descriptive, with
set places for each meaning.
Such as N=noun,A=animal,B=Bipedal,I=intelligent/sentient.
Then add a suffix to make the NABI into a male, female, neuter, as well as
subject or object, as well as plural or singular.

Verbs would be much the same, but different in that it would be more like.

A=physical action versus emotional, or mental, P=past tense, and not sure
what else to describe walking.

A thing other than living, might be.
NI (noun, thing) P=Place, O=food.

APIW=walked (past tense)

Or some other combo of things, namely to put as much info into a sentence,
short sweet, and all dependent on letter placage, and not on SVO, since if
you look at the word you can figure out the exact Subject or Object.. One of
the suffixes or like. Not sure yet.


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