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Klingon the only Star Trek language (was: death of Dr. James Cooke Brown, inventor of Loglan)

From:Jeffrey Henning <jeffrey@...>
Date:Thursday, February 17, 2000, 18:20
Apropos of Klingon, I saw that Diane Duane had wanted to do a Romulan
(Rhihansu? sp?) language book but Paramount made it clear that Klingon
wasn't that much of a money maker and they weren't interested in any other
language works (I read this on Duane's personal web site).  A few weeks ago
I happened across writers' guidelines for Pocket Books' Star Trek novels,
and they said categorically that they would not accept any new language
proposals, glossaries, dictionaries, etc.

Too bad!

I half hoped somebody would convince them to do a Vulcan loglang that was
"logical" and easy to learn.  Klingon is so hard to learn (and rightfully
so, given the dramatic function it was meant to fulfill) that I'd love to
see the deep pockets of Paramount promoting an easy-to-use loglang.
Anything to get Americans learning some other language.

Ah, well, maybe in the Mirror Universe...

Best regards,

Jeffrey Henning - Invent Your Own Language
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> It's sort of too bad that the copyright issue was never fully > resolved. Klingon has the same problem vis a vis Paramount > Pictures, which claims to own every aspect of the language, > including, presumably, all texts produced in it. The Klingon > Language Institute is a "authorized user", so things produced > under their auspices are OK, but no one has ever resolved the > status of other works. Since I doubt anyone has the deep > pockets to challenge Paramount in court, I doubt the issue > will ever be resolved. > > -- Terry >