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Re: My first trans into Meynian

From:Paul Bennett <paulnkathy@...>
Date:Tuesday, January 11, 2000, 15:11
(Not sure if the first copy of this got through, danged mail prog
seems to be having a bit of an "I am a fish" morning...)

On Tue, 11 Jan 2000 00:55:43 -0500, I wrote:

> Here is a translation into Meynian of a poem that appeared (fairly) recently on the
list. There are a few things I omitted or forgot or otherwise screwed up in that post. I've removed a lot of 'clunky' constructions that weren't really needed, most notably the impersonalised antiergative(?) verbs in lines 3 and 4 (yurgh bleah!). I've also tidied my slightly shoddy phonetic transcription. Although it's more consistent, I'm still not overly happy with line 2; I keep feeling it really ought to use the super-ergative. Here's a corrected version, I've also replaced <{> with the more usual <&> in the transcription in an attempt to make it scan more easiliy. I know it makes it leave X- Sampa, but it *does* also make it approach sanity. (I'm not sure that the /@U/ shouldn't be /oU/ as well, but that's a whole other discussion, and depends on the vowel I use in teh word {home}. Lars? Fabian? And? I'm going to have to call on one of you guys again to tell me how I speak...) ERG - Ergative NEG - Negative JUSS - Jussive (Somewhere between Optative and Imperitive) ABS - Absolute REL - Relative Clause marker (+/- equivalent to "that"/"who") REFL - Reflexive / Middle / Mediopassive and all that good stuff GEN - Genetive, also used to link adverbs to verbs AN MEI NA GEDTHIZOAM: 1. An mei na gedthizoam oa loa an dáemaw dáemat oa tíheighi ERG 1P NEG await.JUSS.1P ABS REL ERG sign indicate.3P ABS 3P.REFL /An meI nA getTIts@Um @U l@U An d&:mAB d&:mAt @U tI:xeIjI/ 2. An meiheighi dáemazoam oa sháteiw ERG 1P.REFL indicate.JUSS.1P ABS joy /An meIxeIjI d&:mAts@Um @U SA:teIB/ 3. An mei na baghaizoam chiuphuaheshauc oa aegás ERG 1P NEG fear.JUSS.1P tomorrow.GEN ABS evil /An meI nA bAjaIts@Um tSUf@xeSOk @U &gA:s/ 4. An mei chiu dierchezoam chiudeiheshauc oa phéisaen ERG 1P and watch.JUSS.1P wonder.GEN ABS goodness /An meI tSU dir\tSets@Um tSUdeIxeSOk @U fe:Is&n/