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My first trans into Meynian

From:Paul&Kathy <paulnkathy@...>
Date:Tuesday, January 11, 2000, 5:55
Here is a translation into Meynian of a poem that appeared (fairly) recently on the list.  I
have had to mangle the meaning slightly (as is always the case), but I hope I've kept
within the spirit.  A special prize to the first person who can name the original poem.

It is my longest translation yet into Meynian, and IIRC the first to be published.  There is
little or no actual poetic quality to it, but I've tried to impart some kind of internal
phonological consistency, even if it's not quite rhyme (by anyones standards).

I have included a phonetic reading below each line, to give a better idea of the language.
I've used X-SAMPA for the reading, just because I felt like it.  In the romanisation, the
apostrophes should be read as acutes on the preceeding vowel letter.


An  mei na  gedthizoam    oa  loa an  da'emaw da'emat     oa  ti'heighi
ERG 1P  NEG await.JUSS.1P ABS REL ERG sign    indicate.3P ABS 3P.REFL
/An meI nA getTIts@Um @U l@U d{:mAv d{:mAt @U tI:xeIjI/

Eiz mei an  meiheighi da'emazoam       oa  sha'teiw
VOL 1P  ERG 1P.REFL   indicate.JUSS.1P ABS joy
/eIts meI An meIxeIjI d{:mAts@Um @U SA:teIv/

Eiz mei na  baghaizoah   chiuphuaheshauc oa  aega's
VOL 1P  NEG fear.JUSS.0P tomorrow.GEN    ABS evil
/eIts meI nA bAjaIts@Ux tSUf@xeSOk @U {gA:s/

Eiz mei chiu dierchezoah   chiudeiweich oa  phe'isaen
VOL 1P  AND  watch.JUSS.0P wonder.ADV   ABS goodness
/eIts meI tSU dir\tSets@Ux tSUdeIweItS @U fe:Is{n/

The verb+genetive construction in line 3 is the usual way of showing a specific tense for a
verb, ie showing explicitly when a verb occurs.  It is analogous in formation to the
verb+adverb construction in line 4.

The usual markers for Ergative and Absolute are {oa/0} and {an}.  The Volitive {eiz/eim} is
used when there's an additional level of control that determines the actions of the
Ergative object upon the Absolute object.

Any questions/comments?