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Committed: (was Printed Conlang stuff?)

From:Jim Hopkins <espero9@...>
Date:Saturday, January 6, 2001, 16:13
Hi to all,

Regarding printed conlang material:  I do maintain hard copies of my current
Druni Language work.

I must agree, however, with the comment made made about committing things to
paper.  It is a little scary.

On the other hand I find that it has contributed greatly to the stability of
the Druni language.  Over the past three years I have progressively hesitated
to make additional changes in the Druni language as more and more of it gets
into print.

For example:  I now have T-shirts, posters, books, even a clock in Druni.
Needless to say these things would be difficult to change.  So I have allowed
the principle of what I call "canonicity" to take effect.  That is, what
already exists in the language takes precedence over any innovation.  Not
that changes are not to be seen in Druni any more but they are governed by
what already exists.  So this have given the language a stability and
solidness that the language can grow on.
I guess too, that it has a lot to do with goals.  My goal in creating Druni
was not to create a language for experimentation with various linguistic
principles but rather to gather all the qualities and structures and sounds
that I enjoyed in natlangs and gather them all in one language that would
reflect my tastes and likes.  Then I would take this fledgling language and
let it evolve into a deep and rich language complete and independent.

Jim H
tá Druntán