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Re: comment: four-participants (on-topic, even! but long)

From:Muke Tever <alrivera@...>
Date:Thursday, July 11, 2002, 12:30
Doug Dee wrote:
>>>> Well, I was reading more of Describing Morphosyntax, and I'm almost sure
>>>> read a bit about a language grammaticalizing "contrary to expectations"
>>>> "according to expectations" as verbal inflections, and not just verbs on >>>> their own. >>>> >>>>But now I can't find it. I thought I saw it near the section on miratives, >>>>but it appears to have vanished entirely. >>> >>>It's on page 255, in section 9.6: >>> >>>". . . in many languages there is a distinction between the expression of >>>information that is surprising versus that which is unsurprising or >>>expected." >> >>No, that's not the bit I remember... I read, appended to an example,
>>like what I wrote, but it had the name of the language that did it, and it
>>have listed the actual morphemes. > >It goes on past where I quoted (I got tired of typing) and gives >examples of the actual forms from Turkish, Lhasa Tibetan, and Panare. > >Perhaps that's what you were thinking of after all?
No, I did go look at it. The words "contrary to expectations" and "according to expectations" were explicitly in what I remember (and are not, apparently, to be found anywhere in the text--contrary to expectations!!) :\ Actually what I wanted is closer to the "counter-presuppositional focus" with the Aghem example, (10.1.1 p. 273)... But as the only example there uses word order and not a morpheme, I'm guessing I didn't actually see what it is I've been looking for. *Muke! --