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SaGa Frontier

From:Johnson, Anna <ajohnson@...>
Date:Friday, November 30, 2001, 19:27
Muke wrote: "I remember that!! The game was SaGa Frontier.  (I forget the
name of the city with those signs... was it Kowroon?)"

I forget ... I'll go look some time this weekend, I had forgotten. I always
wanted to buy the 'complete guide' to SaGa Frontier. It's a frustrating but
endlessly entertaining world...

Anna J. Johnson
Mystif & Scrat Inscrutable
Uma Umagammagi was an ancient, Her body so withered it was almost sexless,
Her hairless skull subtly elongated, Her tiny eyes so wreathed in creases
they were barely more than gleams. But the beauty of Her glyph was here in
this flesh: its ripples, its flickers, its ceaseless, effortless motion.
-Clive Barker, Imajica