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Re: Non-stereotypical elves was Re: Quick Intro

From:Robert B Wilson <han_solo55@...>
Date:Friday, February 21, 2003, 21:38
On Fri, 21 Feb 2003 12:47:53 +1300 Wesley Parish
<wes.parish@...> writes:
> At last, someone who's put some thought into "Elves". > > I remind myself of the times I was warned in Papua New Guinea about > masalai - > forest spirits - who'd eat me if they caught me; and Tolkien's > Quenyar are > essentially forest spirits with a touch of the Christian Church's > Angels > about them. > > A foul-tempered forest spirit with bad breath from eating too many > human > intruders? Well, that is a distinct possibility!
quite interesting. especially since in a conlang based on tolkien's elvish languages that i'm thinking about reviving, _masálai_ would mean 'wild people', and would derive from PQ _mberék-liê_ ( > _merélei_ > masálai).
> Wesley Parish
Robert Wilson fanai kabl dala ninl.


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