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Non-stereotypical elves was Re: Quick Intro

From:Peter Clark <peter-clark@...>
Date:Thursday, February 20, 2003, 22:10
On Thursday 20 February 2003 02:38 pm, John M. Dollan wrote:
> The Elves, otherwise > called the Aewylin, are the ones I am having trouble with as far as > removing the stereotypical Elven image. But I have time...
I hate elves. Seriously. (Yes, I know they are imaginary. But I hate imaginary elves.) They are always the same in modern fantasy and RPGs. Wise to the point of being absolute elitist snobs. Practically immortal, yet throw themselves into situations that are likely to get themselves killed. (Think about it: if you were practically immortal, wouldn't you be more careful?) Beautiful to the point that authors trip over themselves with adjectives. You know what I want? I want fat, ugly elves with bad breath and even worse manners. I want elves that get drunk frequently on cheap booze and are angry drunks at that, too. I want elves that are either a.) paranoid about everything (like Puppeteers) or b.) have half the life-span of your average human (bonus points if they regularly die because they've managed to pickle their liver to oblivion). I want dumb, stupid elves that are consigned to shoveling horse manure in the stables because they can't be trusted with anything more complex. I want elves that are the scum of society, that cause good folk everywhere to quickly cross to the other side of the street and bless whatever capricious RPG god they believe in that they were not born an elf. That's the kind of elf I could love. :Peter -- Oh what a tangled web they weave who try a new word to conceive!


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