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Universal grammar

From:James Worlton <jamesworlton@...>
Date:Friday, June 6, 2003, 16:55
--- Sally Caves <scaves@...> wrote:
> That may be, but I liked what I heard. "Sitting > Echoes" made me feel that I > was in substantial danger of getting cut by flying > glass. A very sensual > piece, that set me on edge. "Through the Edge" was > simply beautiful. I > look forward to hearing your more up to date work.
:))) Composers like it when they get positive comments.
> In the meantime, what > are your conlanging preferences?
OK...ahem...I admit to a very OT presence lately :P (Note the change of subject, however :).) I have been meaning to get around to the following for a few days. I am a person who loves (make that LOVES) structure. So it would be natural to believe that grammar and syntax creation would be no problem for me, right? Wrong. I have read the "How to create a conlang" websites and even the lengthy "monograph" of Rick Morneau (yes, the WHOLE thing -- it was interesting from a theoretical and practical viewpoint, but not from an artistic/naturalistic one). I prefer conlangs that are naturalistic, as mine wants to be. My problem is that I have a limited knowledge of other grammars and syntactical methods in natlangs and conlangs. This of course can be alleviated through study. But I lack the time (maybe I'm just lazy ;)) ). Is there a good reference (or set of them) for grammatical comparisons between languages? How about a set of Universal grammatical points. (I have googled for it, but only find philosophical appproaches. I want practical! :)).) My goal in looking at such things would be to understand better how communication works with different sets of rules, which I could then choose from for my own project. I bring this up because Oreelynna is experiencing a crisis of attention lately due to my realization that its grammar seems to have inconsistencies. What they are, I couldn't say. It is just a feeling. Any references that you all know of would help here. James -- looking for the easy ( easier) way out. ===== James Worlton ----------------- Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana. -Unknown __________________________________ Do you Yahoo!? Yahoo! Calendar - Free online calendar with sync to Outlook(TM).


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