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Re: Middle English question

From:Boudewijn Rempt <bsarempt@...>
Date:Saturday, July 31, 1999, 5:23
On Sat, 31 Jul 1999, BP Jonsson wrote:

> > Acc. to my "Nederlaendsk Grammatik" _Boudewijn_ should be [bOud@VEin] with > [V]=labiodental glide (script-v/upsilon). Is it antiquated, or what? To > distinguish [V] and a fricative [v] seems nightmarish to me, since Swedish > "v" is mostly [V]. My native dialect has a bilabial/labiovelar glide > distinct from the labiodental one in some words (from historical /hv/ and > /v/ before sonorants, for the curious), so that feels easy to me(!), but a > labiodental fricative/glide distinction doesnt... >
Whether it is a glide or a fricative is regional, as Dirk has pointed out. But I've lived west, south and east, and I am terminally confused as to which one I use myself regularly. A glide, mostly, I think. But I'm not much of a phonetician. Boudewijn Rempt |