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Vowel question, suggestion?

From:Muke Tever <alrivera@...>
Date:Monday, August 6, 2001, 3:56
In another of the new Hadwan descendants I'm working on, I've discovered a
diphthong spelled <öy> (and long <öyh>).

This arises historically as <ai> becomes <oi> /OI/.  When there's original
<aio> /AIU/ it would become /OIy/, which is impossible for me to pronounce,
so I called it <öy>.

An example of where this appears:

    khoi   /xOI/   "to recline"   < haic
    =>khöy /x__/   "I recline"    < haió
    khoji  /xOji/  "he reclines"  < haiic
    khöyng /x__N/  "they recline" < haioñc

[i.e., verbs in -oi.  The normal outcome being like:]

    'wazh'  /wAZ/   "to promise"   < wazhc
    wazhy   /wAZy/  "I promise"    < wazhó
    wazhi   /wAZi/  "he promises"  < wazhic
    wazhung /wAZyN/ "they promise" < wazhoñc

Long <öyh> appears so far in <Göyh> "life (nom)" only, but then I only have
about ten words or so so far.

My question is, can suggest a reasonable phonetic value for <öy> ?   I
thought maybe [9I] or [VH] ...   But I can't tell! ;p   Any help would be
appreciated.  What would be most likely in your particular ears?