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Re: A Conlang by the group: genders

From:Charles <catty@...>
Date:Sunday, October 11, 1998, 16:22
Mathias M. Lassailly wrote:

> Ok. I suggest we don't get deeper in the 'all-noun-derived predicates' discussion. > > I feel like you and I wish it could work like that. > > I suggest we always try to coin a verb from a noun and check whether it makes > sense with the other possible parts of speech. If it's to vague, we use a > verb-root. > > What do you think of that ? What's your viewpoint ?
I thought that was the most interesting part. Rick Morneau has (oversimplifying massively:) an "all-verb" project; there are few all-noun projects and they have not gone as far. So, I'd "vote" to kill all verb-forms here.