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Re: Frankenlangs

From:bob thornton <arcanesock@...>
Date:Thursday, September 9, 2004, 1:30

Paul Roser <pkroser@...> wrote:
>> >>The other consideration is whether air is being drawn in by the initiator >>or being expelled by it (that is, whether the sound is _ingessive_ or >>_egressive_), thus: >> EGRESSIVE INGRESSIVE >>PULMONIC Consonants of most (inhaled sigh) >> IE languages >>GLOTTALIC ejectives implosives >>VELARIC (spitting) clicks >> >>(I guess a really freakish Frankenlang could include sighs & spitting) >> :)
>I can't resist pointing out that Damin, the now-extinct ritual language >of the Lardil people (Mornington Island, off the north coast of >Australia), had consonants with all possible initiations but one - >most of the consonants were pulmonic egressive, but they also had a velar >ejective, a pulmonic ingressive lateral fricative, a velaric egressive >labial stop (/p'/, which only occurred before /N/ and /J/), and several >nasal velaric ingressives - all they were missing was an implosive.
>Oh, and they also had a labial trill and a uvular affricate.
A) THAT IS NUTS. B) Australian langs tend to be maximally wierd. What with Dyirbal and its no-voice distinction, and various other strange anomalies found in Austlangs. Is there any reason for this? --------------------------------- Do you Yahoo!? New and Improved Yahoo! Mail - Send 10MB messages!