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Re: Danny's languages (jara: absolve me; this is my introduction)

From:Danny Wier <dawier@...>
Date:Wednesday, December 25, 2002, 20:02
From: "Jan van Steenbergen" <ijzeren_jan@...>

> Wasn't it you who created a neo-Hittite language called Calistan? I
managed to
> dig up something about it in the List's archives, and liked a lot what I
> there. Is that a dead project now?
I discontinued that project, and merged it with Tech, since it'll be based a lot on Indo-European. I was really aiming for a very conservative IE language, but with a Grimm's law shift.
> > Actually my main interest is music. Language is my second love. > > Same thing here. But I must shamefully admit that since I joined the list
> has been rather the other way around (as a matter of fact, I haven't
written a
> single note).
I did my best music-writing circa 1996-98. I discovered NoteWorthy Composer in 1997 and my best work (like that sonata finale in 13/8 time, or that very atonal "Runaway Piano" piece) then. I still wanna write a symphony, which I've got worked out a lot in my head, as far as the basic themes, etc. It'll be the theme music for the FourHorse RPG project. ~Danny~


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