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The Conlanger's Library now online

From:Donald Boozer <donaldboozer@...>
Date:Thursday, April 2, 2009, 3:33
I'd like to announce that The Conlanger's Library is now online at:
This is an online interactive expanded version of my Conlanger's Bookshelf
( that was available at LCC2
and as a companion to the conlang exhibit at Cleveland Public Library.

In addition to the Bookshelf's books, movies, games, and websites, the online
Library also includes quotations, poetry, selected online video and audio, and a
selected timeline of conlanging history.

Links to books and DVDs on Amazon are made available for those wishing to purchase
materials. Search boxes for WorldCat are made available for those wishing to
search for materials in their local library (or to ask at their local library for
an interlibrary loan).

The online Conlanger's Library is a work-in-progress. New material will be added,
new items will be highlighted as time goes by.

Finally, I would like to thank the Language Creation Society (LCS) for providing
the web space, and Sai Emrys, David J. Peterson, and other members of the Board of
the LCS for feedback during the creation process, and, again, David for creating
the header for the site (with the "conlang library guy" and some suggestions from
me). Thank you!!


- Don Boozer, LCS Librarian