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OT: Semi-OT: McGuffey Readers and Their Editions...

From:Pipian <pipian@...>
Date:Monday, January 10, 2005, 23:06
After looking on the net for various copies of the McGuffey Readers
digitized, and finding no less than three different versions of the
first reader (Gutenberg, Revised Edition on, and a partially
digitized version at, I found that
apparently there are three major revisions (which the latter site helped

The Eclectic Readers:

1836 - Primer and First Reader published
       (parts of this First Reader are on the muohio site)
1837 - Second and Third Readers published
1838 - "Revised and improved" Second and Third Readers
1841, 1843, 1844, and 1848 - Changes, added Fifth Reader and Speller
1853 - Material and binding changes

The New Eclectic Readers:

1857 - Introduction of the "New" Eclectic Reader
       (This reader series contains the Gutenberg excerpts)
1865, 1866 - Minor changes

The Revised New Eclectic Readers:

1879 - Introduction of the "Revised" New Eclectic Reader
       (This reader series is the one most published now, and on fiziwig)
1901 - Minor changes in the lower books.

So it seems that the available Readers on the web are:


Eclectic Readers:


This is also partial with some ripped pages, on muohio.


New Eclectic Readers:

Primer, First, Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth

First and Fourth are available on Gutenberg and thought to be from this
version.  The Primer (1867), Fourth (1866), Fifth (1857), and Sixth
(1857) readers are available at


Revised New Eclectic Readers:


First is the only one partially digitized, and only on fiziwig, but all
the others are available (presumably in 1901 form) for purchase in
physical form.


As a result, there are no versions of the Second or Third Readers in any
form on the web at this time.



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