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CONLANG Digest - 8 Jan 2005 to 9 Jan 2005 (#2005-10)

From:Aquamarine Demon <aquamarine_demon@...>
Date:Tuesday, January 11, 2005, 3:31
Just another "con-art" related thing to fight flamewars ;) ...<< Yes, that's a good idea; I regret replying in it. :P
>>I just noticed that my second conlang, Daléian
(, is not listed on Langmaker anymore. Due to concentrating on Ayeri, I forgot that lang anyway, but not its writing system which I uploaded there yesterday evening. Here is the picture that I uploaded to give an overview over the alphabet: I think it's influenced by SE-Asian writing systems because the main shape is a circle.<< I like it! Reminds me sort of how Thai looks, though I'm only vaguely aware of how that writing system works. It's awesome, though. You seem to come up with a lot of very interesting scripts.
>>I've never had difficulties to remember the shapes of the letters,
altough much is based on mirroring. Cheers, Carsten Becker<< I tend to use a lot of mirrored forms in my conscripts, too. I think if you put similar shapes with similar sounds, though, that makes it a whole lot easier to memorize. (And I see you've done that, soo...) Noelle __________________________________ Do you Yahoo!? The all-new My Yahoo! - Get yours free!