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Re: HELP: Relative Clauses with Postpositions

From:John L. Leland <lelandconlang@...>
Date:Saturday, February 14, 2004, 0:10
In a message dated 2/11/04 9:42:07 PM Pacific Standard Time,
hotblack@FRATH.NET writes:

<< ncidentally, depending on how literal you need your translation to be,
 couldn't you just get by with this? :

     ... plain.ACC Shinar.LOC in

 kind of like English would do it in ordinary speech (e.g. "a river in
 Russia" and not "a river in the land of Russia"). >>

In the Babel text in Rihana-ye, this is what I did. "In the land of
"Shinaruna-me"--literally "Shinarland-in " --I did this because names of
countries in Rihana-ye normally end in -na which is literally "land, so the
natural form for Shinar as a country name incorporated "land."
If I had used a genitive it would have been
 This is in fact a normal construction in Rihana-ye e.g. seba-ye basa-me

meaning "in my house."
The construction is imitated from Japanese (as someone else has already

In Jases Lalal, which has a locative where the default (adpositionless) form
means "in,"
 I would simply use the locative, that is:
Sinyr loc. would be the locative form of Sinar nom. and mean "in Shinar"

John Leland