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[Shoebox] More interlinear

From:Fabian <fabian@...>
Date:Thursday, July 27, 2000, 10:50
Is there a way to make the interlinear processes correctly parse a lexeme
field which is made up of 2 or more words? FOr example,

\t mal-marella hajt sagrifikat
\m ma'  ***    hajt sagrifikat
\g with ***    wall sacrificed
\p prep ***    n m  adj pp

should parse as:

\t mal-marella hajt       sagrifikat
\m ma'  il   marella hajt sagrifikat
\g with the  skein        sacrificed
\p prep moon n f          adj pp

Is this a solvable? Multi-word lexemes are fairly common in Maltese, so mass
rewording of the lexemes isn't really an option.

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