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OT: World: Saddam is caught!?

From:Robert Jung <robertmjung@...>
Date:Sunday, December 14, 2003, 19:03
Hi all,

I am now going to discuss a non-linguistics/conlang subject, but I think it
still matters because it has to do with The American Empire and world, and

What's your opinion?

Could anyone here answer my tough questions??


Sorry I have to say all this; I have to get out my thoughts somehow.

I haven't seen any posts about how the U.S. military supposedly caught Saddam
Hussein yesterday (Dec 13). Personally I'm taking all the news with a thousand
truckloads of salt (and no, I mean it; no joke intended), since Bush and Co. -
Bush is part of an oil company/ies, and VP Cheney too - are all very rich, and
have in the past lied to further their interests. Cf. Iran in 1953; the UK
wanted to get rid of nationalist, popular, democratically-elected Prime
Minister Mohammed Mossadeq out of power so the UK company could keep hold on
Iran's oil. The CIA supported this. Pres. Truman did not like the idea of
overthrowing another country's government, but Eisenhower did; he was convinced
by the UK that Iran was a 'communist threat', and agreed to help; the CIA put
lies in the Iran newspapers and sent out mobs in Iran to make people scared
that Mossadeq was crazy, etc. etc.

But Iran wasn't a communist threat; it was just a threat to Western oil interests
and never-ending power over poorer, less powerful peoples and nations.

After Mossadeq was out of power, the Shah assumed full powers and his Secret Police
eliminated and tortured many many tens of thousands of dissidents; this long
time of unspeakable oppression finally ended in 1979 with the Islamic

In the 1980s, the U.S., oddly, supported Osama Bin Laden and other Middle Eastern
terrorists to fight the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, so it looks like the only
reason Bush doesn't like Iran's current government is that it won't give U.S.
oil companies priveleges and concessions and all that. Since Tehran is
developing nuclear weapons and it is not a U.S. ally, Pres. Bush does not like
its government. If Tehran gave U.S. oil companies what they want, Bush would
not have put Iran into the 'axis of evil' or anything - he wouldn't mention the
repression of the current regime either, or its support of Hezballah

[And what about Patrice Lumumba in Zaire in 1960-61? Try and search in
quotes '"Patrice Lumumba"' - good results turn up.]

Plus, why did the U.S. support Iraq in the 1980s, even after 5 000 Kurds died in
1988 (and LOTS of others)? For oil, and to stop Iran...

Why did Saddam - try to kill Bush Sr.? Because he wanted revenge on Bush for
abandoning and lying to him before Gulf War 1 (that the U.S. would not
intervene in an Iraqi invasion of Kuwait).

And since when has the U.S. government cared about civilian
deaths/injuries/well-being anywhere? Never; just look at Central America's
evil, US-backed dictators. That's enough for your answer!


Thank you. Please don't get too upset about the topic.



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