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Re: OT: World: Saddam is caught!?

From:Greg <greg.johnstons@...>
Date:Monday, December 15, 2003, 12:18

The USA supported Hussein in the Iran-Iraq war because the Iranians were
fundamentalists, which we didn't like. The war started in 1980 and ended in
1988, the year the Kurds were gassed. 


Lying is a fundamental part of the way diplomacy works. And by the way, look
at Central America's evil, USSR-backed dictators. 



I don't see what this has to do with catching SH in a concrete hole in a



Plus, why did the U.S. support Iraq in the 1980s, even after 5 000 Kurds
died in 1988 (and LOTS of others)? For oil, and to stop Iran...


Why did Saddam - try to kill Bush Sr.? Because he wanted revenge on Bush for
abandoning and lying to him before Gulf War 1 (that the U.S. would not
intervene in an Iraqi invasion of Kuwait).


And since when has the U.S. government cared about civilian
deaths/injuries/well-being anywhere? Never; just look at Central America's
evil, US-backed dictators. That's enough for your answer!




Thank you. Please don't get too upset about the topic.