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Unusual number inflection

From:Jim Henry <jimhenry@...>
Date:Monday, August 16, 2004, 20:02
Most natlangs I'm aware of, if they inflect for number at all,
just have a singular and plural.  A few have a dual and
fewer still have a trial number.

Joshua Shinavier's Arovën has distinct collective and
separative plurals.  My own TTambroc has number inflection
to indicate an insufficient/sufficient/excessive amount of something.
Llegisia has three numbers: singular, plural, and universal
(the latter being the whole set of X everywhere).

I recently thought up some other possible number
inflection schemes that I might use in the future:




I may use one of those for the nebulous conlang
I'm gestating now, but the draft version just has singular (unmarked),
dual -j(e), plural -l(e) [each with optional vowel, realized if there is a
personal ending following the number ending].

(gjax-zym-byn has no obligatory number inflection, though it
does have several optional suffixes to indicate different kinds
of collective: {-daj} mass, {-zla} universal set, {-kwiq} sequence,
{-cu} system.)

Have any of y'all used such unusual number inflection in
your conlangs?  Or do you know of some such inflection pattern
in any natlang?

- Jim Henry