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OT: Linux (Was: Back on the turf!)

From:Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>
Date:Tuesday, November 29, 2005, 22:48

Jörg writes:
>... > After an unsuccessful adventure called Linux system upgrade, > I am back on the turf. What the whole matter taught me the > hard way were these two lessons: > > 1. Never change a running system.
So you did not know this??? :-)))
> 2. Don't think new software will work with old hardware. > > I ruined an entire weekend trying to get a recent Linux > distribution to work on my 5-year-old machine; after giving > it two more tries I decided to dig out the old installation > CDs and re-install the old system which took me less than > two hours to get it to work.
I am going to wait for a new Linux-on-laptop adventure until I have a new machine because I fear exactly this will happen to me, too... My four-year-old machine is slowly decaying: the fan is out of order since years, but works when merciless injecting oil spray from time to time... And recently the back-light started to become red. Needless to say, the second battery is broken. I hope it will stay alive for a few weeks. **Henrik