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TECH: IPA Zounds v3.0 released

From:Jamie Norrish <jamie@...>
Date:Wednesday, November 30, 2005, 20:01
Version 3.0 of IPA Zounds is now available. IPA Zounds is a sound
change applier that understands the IPA. Using a modifiable binary
features model, input words and rules can be written using IPA
characters (or X-SAMPA or other scripts with a user-defined mapping to
the IPA) and/or the distinctive features of the model. So, for
example, a rule to lengthen any vowel before a final voiced
postalveolar fricative would be written as:


With an input of "baʒ", the output word is "baːʒ". The model
automatically maps features to IPA characters and necessary
diacritics: the rule [-voiced]/[+voiced]/[+voiced]_[+voiced] means
that "antla" becomes "andla".

There is also a reverse applier that derives possible source words for
a lexicon, restricted by syllable shape.

IPA Zounds has both a GUI and a command line interface, and can also
be used programmatically by other Python scripts. It runs on any
platform that supports the Python programming language (the GUI also
requires GTK), which includes GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. Full
documentation in HTML format is included in the download.

IPA Zounds is available at
An online demo is at

If you run into any bugs or problems (some people have had trouble
installing the dependencies for the GUI), please contact me at

        Major changes in 3.0

  * The addition of a reverse applier.

  * Conversion between IPA and X-SAMPA and user-defined scripts, for
    both input and output. This means you can use X-SAMPA or your own
    orthography to write the rules and lexicon, rather than Unicode
    IPA characters.

  * Updated the binary features model to include a delayed-release
    feature to model affricates.

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