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From:Aidan Grey <frterminus@...>
Date:Monday, July 23, 2001, 5:10
  Hey all,

   So far, I've been promised recipes from:

   Christian Thalmann (for lemon-garlic shrimp tacos)
   Pat Dunn
   Christophe Grandsire (escargots southern style)
   Barry Garcia
   Irina Rempt
   Dan Jones (a bunch of Carashán recipes)
   The Keenans
   James of Fyksland

   As to the recipe relay, it seems that I don't have
enough interest. I've only had the following people
say they'd like to participate:

   Tom Tadfor Little
   Amber adams
   Andrew Smith

   Perhaps some from the first list might be

   I would like to say thanks to James - his article
on Fyksland food is excellent, and only needs a couple
recipes to round it out nicely. Good work! Of course,
the rest of you will have to wait until it all gets

   Finally, some comments on the recipe relay if it

   I've finally chosen the three recipes (a pickle, an
unleavened bread, and a stew) and have made some
progress on translating them into Aelya (I was
sidetracked into translating some jams). I'll be
posting them within a week or two.

   My understanding of how this relay would work is a
little different from most past relays. For one, there
will be more info to translate, so there will be  a
longer delay time. Because the subject matter really
shouldn't be messed up by inacuracies, I think we
should allow for greater contact and input between
relay members. We have to allow for variations in
measuring systems, cooking methods, and so on. In
particular, I am well acquainted with various cooking
methods (modern back to prehistoric) and could be of
some help in the process. I still intend to allow for
regional/cultural variations as well. I specifically
chose recipes that would be present in almost any
(humanoid) culture, regardless of technological level.

I don't anticipate starting the relay until after
September 10th some time (after I've switched emails).
Also, because of the possible confusion (I know I did
it, sending my result from the most recent relay to
Shreyas instead of the next person on the list), I
thought I might do all the forwarding as well.

  I'm hoping some more people will step forward and
join the largest (content wise) relay to have happened
yet. It will be fun!


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