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Re: OT: [CONLANG] OT: Good Books?

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Friday, March 5, 2004, 0:58
And Rosta wrote:

> Andreas: > > Quoting David Peterson <ThatBlueCat@...>: > > > > > Also, as opposed to Tolkien, it's actually good > > > writing and literature, and worth reading.
As one who appreciates Tolkien-- but alas, not usually for his prose style-- let me rise to David's defense. Nabokov's _Pale Fire_ is indeed well written and worth reading. (I don't recall the Slavic conlang bit, but let that pass...........). I don't think David was saying that JRRT was _not_ worth reading, except in comparison with VN. (OK, have I inserted my foot far enough??)
> > > > I guess I should be impressed by the bravery of anyone who states as a > fact > > that Tolkien is not worth reading. > > > > Well, you know how the rest of this mail was going to go, so I thought
> > spare myself the trouble of actually writing it. > > Let us hope David will recant. > > This is one of the main two shibboleths that guide me in life. One > is that while not every wise person writes well, nobody that is > not wise writes well. The other is that while not everyone who > appreciates Tolkien is wise [to say the least!], nobody that > does not appreciate Tolkien is wise. (Note that I say *appreciate*, > rather than 'enjoy', let alone 'adore'.) Anybody (such as Germaine > sodding Greer) that disses Tolkien without having read him is > utterly beyond the pale. > > --And.


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