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From:daniel andreasson <daniel.andreasson@...>
Date:Tuesday, January 2, 2001, 23:01
Hi all.

I just came up with a new word which I wanted to share
with y'all. It's inspired by the recent "take your friend's
name and make a word of it" thread.

It's my friend Josefin who's been the model:

jin [dZIn]  v. 'be strange, be peculiar, be mysterious, be
            different in a good way' ; used with PAT: innate
            trait, used with AGT: acquired trait, not in a good
            way but artificial.

Some other words taken from friend's names are:

lin [lIn]   v. 'be beautiful' ; n. 'beauty'

car [kar]   v. 'be funny, be fun, be amusing'

han [han]   v. 'be cute, be pretty'

nor [nOr]   v. 'be uninteresting, be dull, be boring, be dry'

edrin ['EdrIn] v. 'be verbal, be wordy, be eloquent, be verbose'

joer [dZojr] v. 'be reliable, be trusty, be trustworthy, be

yam [jam]   v. 1. 'be big, be fat, be chubby'
               2. a) 'be dark, be dim, be dusky' b) 'be dim, be
                  cryptic, be concealed, be enigmatic'

Most traits that are innate are used with the Patient case and
those that are acquired later in life with the Agent case, not
seldom with a slightly negative connotation. If one was to say:
_danielin jinea_ 'Daniel is peculiar' marking _daniel_ as AGT,
I'm deliberately trying to be mysterious and different, but most
intelligent people would see right through me and think I was
just an idiot.

If one OTOH would say: _daniel jinea_, then I was born a bit
different and would be interesting and mysterious in a good way
and everyone would think I'm cool to hang with (which hopefully
is closer to the truth. :) )

Lamu le lanea a enea! - ['lamUlelanea"Enea]

daniel, wishing you guys a happy new year in Rinya with a real
        tongue-twister. :)