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From:nicole perrin <nicole.eap@...>
Date:Wednesday, January 3, 2001, 0:24
Hi all

Update:  tshirts are on the way to my house.  Then they'll be on the way
to you all, and I'm sure everyone's excited about it.  I just updated
the webpage as to whose addresses I have or don't have...but for some
reason it's not acting updated.  So...these are the people who need to
send me ( their mailing addresses:

Irina & Boudewijn Rempt
David Bell
Anthony Miles
Dan Jones
Mia Soderquist
Dean Gahlon
Jesse Bangs
Shreyas Sampat
Mario Bonassin
Amanda Babcock
Steve Hefford
Lars Mathiesen
Christophe Grandsire
Dan Seriff
John Cowan
Joe Schelin
Carlos Thompson
Peter Clark
Luca Mangiat
David Durand
Adam Walker

And there are still people who haven't sent in their payments.  This is
Uncool.  If you don't want the tshirts you ordered, tell me and I'll see
who does, okay?  PLEASE email me!  This applies to the following people:

Robert Hailman
Anthony Miles
Dan Jones
Shreyas Sampat
Steve Hefford
Carlos Thompson
David Durand
Adam Walker

I was hoping to get the tshirts during my Christmas break from school so
I'd have plenty of time to do all the actual mailing out, but since I
had to start school again today it'll be pretty much impossible for me
to mail all the tshirts at once, I'll have to do it in shifts or
something, and I'll announce when each person's stuff is in the mail.

Happy Belated New Year to everyone!