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Re: Historical Sound Change & Numbers Puzzle

From:Roger Mills <rfmilly@...>
Date:Sunday, March 11, 2007, 18:03
Joseph Fatula wrote:
> The real work wasn't in making these numbers, it was in fiddling with > dozens of ideas for number systems. This one isn't the first one I > tried.
A year or two back, someone (was it you?) produced a system that involved IIRC prime numbers....Fascinating-- this system is, too. I was too preoccupied to work on this puzzle and doubt I would have figured it out, even though Fibonacci stuff is interesting, and I have some acquaintance with it. FWIW, the stock-market analyst Robert Prechter used (still uses?) Fibonacci in his work, and years ago I used to follow him (though I missed his call to get out of the market in early Oct. 1987 ;-(( ) Google for his name or "Elliott Wave Theory" if you're interested. I don't know if he's still in business-- his newsletter got awfully expensive :-( He made a good (lucky?) call there in 1987, but unfortunately he kept predicting total disaster throughout the 1990s-- so much for his prescience! ObConlang: When the Gwr switched from Base 8 to Base 10, the original word for 10(8) >> 10(10), and they borrowed the Kash words for 8, 9. 100(8) didn't survive; they borrowed from Kash for that too. But this wasn't a case of a system evolving naturally; the decisions were made by committee.... Your system gives me the idea that some of the old base 8 terms might still survive-- indeed, their chess-like game is still called "l00 squares" after its 8x8 board; now I'll have to think up some others. :-)))) In Gwr history, Fibonacci's counterpart was the mathematician Na Kwèy-hu (Kash nakuweyu)


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