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Re: They Have a Word for It!

From:Daniel Andreasson <rymddaniel@...>
Date:Friday, August 3, 2001, 12:27
Yoon Ha Lee wrote:

>_They Have a Word for It: A Lighthearted Lexicon of Untranslatable Words & >Phrases_ by Howard Rheingold. > >Anyone else read this? It's not conlanging per se, and by "untranslatable" >he seems to mean "untranslatable in a single word."
Hehe. I just read the following at the Swedish humor site "Yttermera". I copied it into this mail for your convenience: Lagom – Not too much and not too little. Yes, you know the idea, but you don't have one little word for it. Hotdog with shrimpsalad – Meat and seafood at the same time. Swedish weapon industry – Bofors sell weapons to any country as long as they promise not to use them. Ombudsman – A man or a woman appointed by the government to protect the people against the government. Mr and Mrs Svensson – Volvo, two children and a dog. Klämdag – An excuse not to work. It means if one or two days are squeezed in between holidays, they are klämdagar, squeeze-days, and why should we work on those days when we don't work on the holidays surrounding them. Kask – 50 percent coffee and 50 percent vodka. Coffeebreak and party at the same time Allemansrätt – The "all mans right" Gives everyone in Sweden freedom to walk around on everyones properties. As long as you dont walk into a "Militärt skyddsområde" which means Military Protected Area of course. Industrisemester – July is not a good choice if you want to visit Sweden in business. Sweden is closed for vacation. But come back in August and we'll help you again. Radhus – A swedish semidetached house is as near as lagom you can come in real estate in Sweden. ||| daniel _________________________________________________________________ Hämta MSN Explorer kostnadsfritt på


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