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Naming mp3 players and Yakuza was Re: Comparison of philosophical languages

From:Peter Clark <peter-clark@...>
Date:Tuesday, January 21, 2003, 22:14
On Tuesday 21 January 2003 08:52 am, Daniel Andreasson Vpc-Work wrote:
> I have an Ygybe vocab question concerning new technology. > (I'm trying to make this thread more on-topic.) > > I just bought a portable mp3-player yesterday, and was wondering what that > would be called in Ygybe. It would be cool to call it my "ylybyjobygylybe" > or something. > > How about ydazicuza? (noun small mobile technology > container) But I'm missing a word for "sound" or "audible". > A small mobile technology container could be LOADS of things. > Perhaps a word for "compressed music" should be in there > somewhere as well.
Well, the word for "sound" is "yjuli." That breaks down to "noun loud absurd." Ah, such transparent meaning. ;> So to answer your question, you ought to christen your mp3 player "ydazijulicuza." See how much shorter and simpler that is than English?
> (Ydazicuza sounds like some evil Japanese figure you don't > want to meet in a dark alley... :)
That makes for an interesting question: what would "yakuza" be in Ygyde? "Japan" is gizoty "proper noun different busy country." Not falling into any stereotypes, are we? "Criminal" (I'm too lazy to coin a word for "gangster") is ycufepy "noun opposite legal person." Hence, I submit that "yakuza" shouild be translated as "ycufepygizoty." The next question is, what would "yakuza" mean in Ygyde? I'm guessing that [j] in Ygyde stands for /j/. Amazingly enough, it fits rather nicely into Ygyde's perplexing scheme. Since it does not begin with a vowel and has three syllables, it can only be a proper noun. Thus, "jakuza" means "lost lightweight container." I'm stumped at this point; what _proper_ noun could "lost lightweight container" refer to? Suggestions solicited.
> Perhaps I can use something like "religious" or "sexual" > or "optical" instead? :P (Yes, I'm very serious...)
Well, it's your choice, since after all, one of the rules of the language is that you can coin any combination you like. It's up to us poor saps to try to figure out what the heck you said. But, if I may impose myself, I think that it _definitely_ ought to include "li" somewhere in it. :) :Peter


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