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Re: Weekly Vocab 4

From:Mike Ellis <nihilsum@...>
Date:Tuesday, April 22, 2003, 7:09
Christopher Wright wrote:

>A bit late because of Easter, but time is an illusion.[1]
Which mirror or smoke machine must I fiddle with to make more of it appear? Here's the batch in Rhean:
>1. slippery
zilziksoi (likely to be slipped on) zilzakri (likely to slip)
>The table is slippery.
Boc zilziksoi c'e. table slippery be-3SG
>2. to spill
>I spilled my soy milk[2] on it.
Ot erom yai soz'bip-maluk gvus'aim. upon that-INST my soy-milk spill-1SG:PAST
>3. to vex
devas'ak (bother, annoy) histatek (trouble, distress)
>This vexes me greatly.
Yan dag'ie devas'a. me-ACC muchly annoy-3SG
>4. to curse (a full-blown spell or a swear word, your choice)
flörak (swear (at), utter profanity) s'atmak (damn, wish evil upon)
>I curse the glass that failed me.
Yant nidas'nias'na yacon flöram. me-DAT fail-3SG:PAST-REL glass(-ACC) curse-1SG
>5. carpet
>My fine carpet is ruined.
Iz'na muat hakuibza. nice carpet ruin-PASS
>6. sniffle
>7. to replace
ac'tuak (CAUSE one thing to replace another)
>I cannot replace it.
Tant ac'tuak mu rem. it-DAT replace-INF NEG can-1SG
>8. heirloom
zdec'ik (zdedek to inherit)
>It is an heirloom from my great-grandmother's neice's daughter's husband.
Zatopenta kudais'na zdec'ik c'e. [see below] give-3SG:PAST heirloom be-3SG
>[Bonus points if you translate the relationship into one word.]
zatopenta = "ass-kick", a relation distant enough not to bother with a full description.
>9. ghost
>His ghost will follow me for all my days.
Zde yai z'umarban tai gilz yan k'ilvir. through my life-ACC his ghost me-ACC follow-3SG:FUT
>10. bitter
görk (taste) gzubria (attitude)
>I shall die a bitter, hunted person.
Ak'otibza gzubria aze s'inirmi. hunt-PASS bitter be-GER die-1SG:FUT M