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Re: Waponi Update (long)

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Wednesday, August 9, 2000, 18:54
Andrew Smith wrote:
>I have rescued and I'm tidying up a file from an old disk. I found a >microfiche in the university library once: working papers from the >University of Auckland on a list of Proto-Polynesian roots. An obliging >librarian photocopied the entire thing for me at my expense. The disk I >typed the PP roots on has gone bad and I'm going to have to type some of >it in again from my papers (only a small bit though). Once I'm finished >I can attach it to an email if anyone wants it. Due to size I would >prefer to post it offlist.>
I wrote to Andrew to request a copy. I also have two items that may be of use to those interested in Oceanic/Polynesian hist. linguistics: (1) a copy of George Grace's 1969 Proto Oceanic Finder List (81 double-spaced pp.), and (2) Charles Hockett's rather idiosyncratic 1975 "Proto Fiji Polynesian" (57 pp.) This has been published somewhere, my copy is a conference version. And both, I'm sure, have been improved upon by later researchers. Unless there were GREAT demand, the simplest thing would be for me to send xeroxes by mail, though I'd be willing to create a file for Grace-- my copy is starting to fall apart.