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Re: Nattiki (was: Re: speaking and saying)

From:Kristian Jensen <kljensen@...>
Date:Friday, May 28, 1999, 5:58
Matt Pearson wrote:

>Mathias asked: > >>Does making up this language make your students more comfortable >>with linguistics ? > >I don't know. The purpose of the project was to allow me to >introduce the concept of principles and parameters to the students >- i.e., what kinds of variation are found in natural languages, >versus what sorts of features seem to be universal. Some of the >students have really taken to Nattiki, and are writing their term >papers on Nattiki-related subjects (one student is inventing a non- >standard dialect of Nattiki, another is inventing a history and >culture for the Nattiki speakers, another is writing about Nattiki >religious practices...).
Wow, a whole conculture! Any chance all this will be up in the web?
>Other students seem to feel that the whole thing is a big joke - or >at best, a diverting game. They seem not to have understood the >serious intent behind it, despite all my efforts. (Oh well, if >there's one thing you learn as a teacher, it's that no strategy >works for everyone...)
If it works for the majority, you can't be doing anything wrong. If they are learning things, you can't be doing anything wrong either. I have always felt that one learns best by doing rather than just listening. You're students, I gather, are in fact doing - so they're learning even if some fail to understand that. That's the whole point of it all. I'd love to be in your class! -kristian- 8-)