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Re: Con-scripts

From:claudio <claudio.soboll@...>
Date:Wednesday, June 27, 2001, 12:07
with scripts there are 2 suggestions from me.

suggestion 1: readability contradicts writeability.
which means: when you want to write fast then you cant read it very
well, when you want to read it well you have to write more slowly.
solution is: create 2 scripts. one for printed media,books,or display
on the screen, which is very rich in detail and well to read.
and create another one which is fast to write, and which is actually
just a reduced/minimalistic derived version of the baroque display/print-script,
so that the learner of your lang has not to learn two completely
different scripts, and its more logical.

suggestion 2: to optimize readability each char has to differ from the
others to the maximum.
because similar chars are harder for the eye to percept,
and cognitive procession is slower.


HT> Hi!

HT> Matthew Kehrt <matrix14@...> writes:
>> Nope. >> I'm thinking single phonemes. Are there any langs that do this? >> FWIW, Eviendadhail does the same thing: constructing syllabic characters >> out of component parts. Or at least it will when I get around to >> finishing the script. >> -M
HT> Almost the same with Tyl Sjok. Each word will additionally contain HT> very basic semantic annotations, though, in order to speed up reading. HT> My idea is to have a script that is easy to learn (e.g. like Latin) HT> and fast to read (like Chinese). HT> **Henrik "rurmlor entflöt, fluppseveri trimel akre wopel larf." - alte redensart