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USAGE: Translation challenge: GBS

From:John Cowan <jcowan@...>
Date:Friday, December 21, 2001, 15:41
This is a nonsense passage invented by George Bernard Shaw as a
test case for any revised English orthography.  Anyone care
to undertake a translation (probably a rather free one)
into YFCL?

Chang at leisure was superior to Lynch in his rouge, munching a lozenge
at the burial in Merrion Square of Hyperion the Alien who valued his
billiards so highly. Quick! quick! hear the queer story how father and
son one time sat in the house man to man eating bread and telling the
tale of the fir on the road to the city by the sea following the coast
to its fall full two fathoms deep.  There they lived together served by
the carrier, whose narrower mind through beer was sore and whose poor
boy shivered over the fire all day lingering in a tangle of tactless
empty instinct ineptly swallowing quarts of stingo.

"Stingo", BTW, is a strong beer or ale.

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