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From:Anthony M. Miles <theophilus88@...>
Date:Monday, October 20, 2003, 6:09
The sea of the FI universe still has room for linguistic eddies, if one so
desires it. I have created to some degree Rymba/Rynju Uchunata
(Fortunatian), a Romance language with horizontal rather than vertical
merging of Proto-Western Romance vowels, in the Canaries, then Azores and
Madeiras; Tahian, a Romance language with vowel harmony and clitic
postposition, which I think in FI replaces Hungarian, while Rumania speaks a
Turkic language; L~iiqa L~aasiina, an Inuktitut-inspired phonology spoken in
*here*'s Soqotra by Muslim descendants of lost legions; New World Romance, a
Guarani-influenced Romance language (separate language family?) spoken in
FI's Amazon delta; and linya di podra (the speech of the Palace), a Romance
language yet to be located firmly in Europe.

Asturian, Gascon, Champagnois, and Elsassdeutsch are all official languages.

So you can see that I seed primarily Romance languages. Conlanguages from
other real families are welcome.

Also, the discovery and colonization of North America and the Caribbean by
Catholics, and South America south of the Amazon by Muslims starts in the
14th century; the Chinese expansion into the Pacific starts shortly
thereafter. A strong Caliphate dominates Africa; Africa is a virtual blank.
So there's plenty  room for freakish combinations. If you feel that some
obscure dialects of a language deserve greater knowledge, or just want to
create a Arabic Zulu language, please talk to me.

A few caveats, however: no fictional geography (renaming a place after a
mythical place, however, is okay - if you want to call Mauritius the Island
of Rocs, go ahead); limited alternate-timeline intervention before the
twelfth century AD; and the most important feature of FI history:
If a line *here* could in theory still be reigning, in FI they are, although
not necessarily over the same territory. Dynastic inheritance nearly always
trumps religion and language in FI.

"commune id vitium est, hic vivimus ambitiosa
"this is our common fault; here we live in ostentatious poverty"
Juvenal, Satires 3.182-3

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