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Re: CHAT: which's

From:Muke Tever <mktvr@...>
Date:Wednesday, February 26, 2003, 15:58
From: "Tristan" <kesuari@...>
> > OTOH something like > > "wouldn't've", also reflecting the usual pronunciation [wUdn=t@v]-- might > > well occur in a novel or story that was trying to indicate colloquial or > > relaxed speech ("wouldn't of..." would be an alternative writing but > > probably wouldn't get past a good editor). > > Or even a bad one. I doubt they could be called an editor if they let > that through.
I have seen <of> forms in print... Terry Pratchett's books use standard <have> forms generally, but <of> forms appear sometimes in the speech of uneducated characters. I always thought <of> forms were just spelling errors, until I met someone who insisted that the word was <of> (presumably on the analogy of other verb + preposition combinations), so this use isnt entirely farfetched. *Muke! --


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