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Re: CHAT: which's

From:Mike Ellis <nihilsum@...>
Date:Thursday, February 27, 2003, 5:50
Nik Taylor wrote:

>David Barrow wrote: >> >> My watch's broken >> Rich's standing over there >> >> Which doesn't make which's any more grammatical > >Does your dialect really permit those constructions? I'd say "My watch >is broken", "Rich is standing over there". "Is" cannot contract to -'s >after "ch", "j", "s" or "z", essentially the same environment that >requires -es as the plural instead of -s.
I've used both of these before, written just as David wrote them, but still pronounce them [wAtS@z], [r\ItS@z], which is also how I'd usually pronounce "watch is", "Rich is" in quick speech. Think of it the same as the posessive of "Rich", which is "Rich's" [r\ItS@z] M