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From:wayne chevrier <wachevrier@...>
Date:Wednesday, November 28, 2001, 18:01
I have already posted on Lisanek, so I would to mention my other projects,
which are more sketches than anything else.

Lisando:(the name is provinsional)
five genders:
divine: gods, groves, springs, weather, priests, chiefs, smiths(and their
tools), herbs, ceremonies, certain animals, ritual objects, etc.
dangerous: adult human males(except in insults), weapons, carnivores,
dangerous bits of landscape, wild boars, etc.
domestic: all humans not already mentioned, tools, houses, fleas, etc.
edible: plants and animals eaten for food(except herbs and sacrificed
other: everything else
SVO, verbs have object prefix and subject suffix

Lisantre:(the name is provinsional)
animate(inc. places, spirits) and inanimate
direct ,indirect, reflexive, reciprocal, instransitive
no inanimate pronoun(context only)

/la'den/ /romEntS/
romance with i-umlaut plurals, a-umlaut feminine, u-umlaut masculine
-Wayne Chevrier

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