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R: pronunciation question....

From:Mangiat <mangiat@...>
Date:Thursday, July 20, 2000, 15:12
Hi, and welcome to the list!

> Hello! I am new to the list, and its been quite interesting! I have a
> question about Latin pronunciation. In the phrase "Domine ad adjuvandum me > festina",
Here in Italy we use that phrase during the rosary.
>the emphasis of the words are DOmine ad ADjuvandum me fesTIna, > correct? Or is it adjuVANdum?
This is the way I utter it /'dOmine ad adju'vandum mE fe'stina/, that is the latter hyposteses. I've heard there are people that pronounce Latin in a different way I do. Italian classical pronounciation is based on clerical Latin, thus we have 'c' and 'g' uttered as /tS/ and /dZ/ before 'e' and 'i', ti+vowel as /tsj/, ae and oe as /E/, sc + e or i as /S/. AND YOU?
>I'm not sure, and my choir is having > conflicting opinions- and we sing that piece this Sunday, so its a > mini-crisis... any help or suggestions/opinions would be greatly
> Thank you! > ~Cathy~
Welcome on the List! Luca