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Re: Yahoogroups problem?

From:David G. Durand <david@...>
Date:Friday, June 29, 2001, 20:52
I'm reading the list again, but I'm still way behind. I'm happoy to
remind people that I'm very willing to be contacted personally about
things like this.

I've done the resubscriptions, and I hope someone will let me know if
the mail for conlang and auxlang doesn't start going to yahoo/egroups.

I would encourage people to check out the listserv archives:

There's also a web administration interface that lets you check mail
settings, etc.

The search on that site will search the _entire_ archives, unlike the
one on egroups.

The archives should also now include message-ID headers, something
that people requested in the past and that I (silently) tried to fix
some time ago.

I'm going on vacation, which means that I should be able to catch up
on the list reading, and maybe even do a little conlanging!

    -- David

At 11:26 PM -0500 6/14/01, Eric Christopherson wrote:
>Hi. Is anyone else having trouble reading Conlang archives on Yahoogroups? >My friend subscribed web-only, and found that no messages newer than January >sometime were archived; I went to the site and also found that I couldn't >see any newer ones. He received this message from Yahoogroups' customer >service: > >> Hello , >> >> Thanks for your email. >> >> This group is a remote list. The list administrator of this group will >> need to resubscribe the following address to his group if he wishes for >> the messages to be archived: >> >> >> >> Thanks for using Yahoo!. >> >> Regards, >> > > Yahoo! Customer Care
-- ------------------------------- David Durand VP, Software Architecture Dynamic Diagrams, a division of ingenta plc