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Re: accessing Glide

From:Diana Slattery <glide@...>
Date:Thursday, December 24, 1998, 2:49
Daniel J. O'Neil wrote:

> Dear Charles, > > I wish to assure you that Glide was developed and implemented using > Macromedia and Adobe products, not Microsoft. Moreover, the plug-in > player required to view the Glide Project is made by Macromedia and > works with Netscape as well as other browsers on the Windows, Macintosh, > Sun Solaris, and Linux platforms, so it is very, very possible to view > our site without having to engage in commerce with the evil empire. > > Best regards, > Daniel
daniel, charles, conlangers, world--my conscience will not permit me to hide any longer the fact that i did use M$word for some of the original notes for the Glide project. i writhe in shame. well, not really. how many closets can one come out of in a single lifetime? now there's a chat topic. diana
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