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From:Emily Zilch <emily0@...>
Date:Saturday, May 29, 2004, 3:47
{ 20040524 | Nik Taylor }

"/nukjulr=/ is a pretty common pronunciation.  In fact, in my
experience, it seems to be the more common pronunciation.  I don't even
notice anymore when someone says it.  I think I tend to vary between
both, but I'm not positive."

Well, I just laugh. It's the same as when I pass another state, for
which I need to tell a joke:

Q: How do you know which potatoes are prostitutes?
A: The ones that are have IDAHO stamped on them.

"Where's "Here"?"

San Diego.

"Hopefully not by the same people who say /k&nsA/."

The People what Say That is me, so yes, I do.

"Many Kansans say /Ar'k&nz@z/ (I.e., just like Kansas plus ar-) for the
river, but not the state.  :-)"

Ironically, the tribe is are the KANSA or KANSAW.

I was driving through Illinois and couldn't help but say a certain
city's name as if I were a proper Parisienne. Terre Haute. Man, no one
understood me.

> 1. Canadia - amusing malapropism derived from Canadian
I just use Canuckistan myself. :-) em'ly ******** EMILY0