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Re: The Face Of God

From:Padraic Brown <elemtilas@...>
Date:Sunday, December 29, 2002, 23:18
--- Steg Belsky <draqonfayir@...> wrote:

> Reminds me sort of Tolkien's |Ainulindale| > where Melkor's rebellious > chords in the music of creation are coopted by > Iluvatar in order to make > a music of creation more beautiful and > meaningful than it was originally.
I was happy to read Silmarilion recently, to find ways I could formulate and mythologise some of these things. I immediately fell in love with the idea of Creation through music. That made sense - and makes sense in many of The World's cultures, where music is a medium through which story worlds are created and in those worlds things are magicked into existence via music. Evil - the sense of divergence from the Path - needs explaining. A combination of the Fall of Iblis and the rebellion of Melkor forms the basis for The World's big troublemaker and his origins. The rest of prehistory - origins and appearance of Man (and the other races); early migrations; foundation of archaic cultures and civilisations - all that is drawn from ancient myths, and Tolkien once again. For some reason I'm not entirely sure of, Attila the Hun has scored a role in these myths. Oh well: no ever said Man's recollection of such ancient history was perfect!
> What are demons in the Greek sense?
Spirits. I will have to find the book I read this in - "Origin of Satan" or "History of the Devil" or something like that. Apparently, early Christians took the Greek word daimon, a divine power or spirit, and altered the meaning from that to a specifically satanic and evil sort of thing. The Path doesn't have a Devil per se - though there are Powers that fulfill the adversarial function. The Dark One is a being we should pity and pray for - for it is still within him to see his own folly and get back on the trolley. Padraic. ===== To him that seeks, if he knock, the door will be opened; if he seeks, he shall find his way; if he searches for a way, he shall find his path. For though the Way is narrow, it's wisdom is written in the hearts of all: if ye would seek and find Rest, look first within! .